NFL Hits

This NFL season has seen more bone crunching and helmet smacking hits than we have seen in many years.  Every player in the NFL, no matter what position, is looking for the opportunity to make a huge hit and “jack-up” his opponent. Getting “jacked-up” is different than just a normal tackle.  Jacked up is when a player gets hit and probably leaves his feet, his body probably bends or moves in a way that it is not meant to move, and the player getting hit and sometimes the one delivering the hit is left seeing stars. The crowd then probably goes OOOO.

I think it is ridiculous for the NFL to fine the players the amount they have been for players making tackles.  James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers has been fined $100,000 so far this season and his team has only played half of their games.  Yes, they are professional athletes and make millions of dollars, but 100K is a lot of money for anyone.   The NFL is trying to make the game safer for the players, but when do you draw the line.

These men are super humans.  Six foot six, weighing 320 pounds and being able to run like a deer is not natural and pretty super human.  The speed of the game is so fast that sometimes you have to jack a guy up in order to make the play for your team.  How do you expect to stop a hard hit.  I think if the NFL keeps fining players and starts suspending them, this is going to be in the back of the players’ minds and they are not going to play the game as fast or instinctive and I think that game will suffer.


About BrenDunne74

I'm in my senior year at Kutztown University. I'm an English major and want to be an English teacher and football coach one day.
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