Veterans Day

I think every day of the year should be Veterans Day and we as a society should do more to show how grateful we really are that men and women serve our country to make it a better place for us.  I can not imagine what it takes or how it feels to be in a war or in a fire fight with an enemy that is trying to kill you.

There have been documentaries on the history channel and the military channel about World War 2 and the Vietnam War the past couple of days, and a lot of the men fighting look or they are younger than I am.  You can go to war at 18 years old and you’ll come home 19 years old, but you’ve already lived a lifetime in that one year of duty.  In some battles in WW2 there were 40,000 American casualties, it is really hard to wrap around your head around those numbers.

I just want to thank everyone who has served our country during time of peace  of in a war.  Thank you for keeping the USA awesome and the best country in the world.


About BrenDunne74

I'm in my senior year at Kutztown University. I'm an English major and want to be an English teacher and football coach one day.
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