Growing up, like most children, Christmas was my favorite holiday.  Mostly because I knew even if I good or bad Santa Claus was still coming to visit my house and leave a bunch of awesome presents.  Toys, video games, sports equipment, and loads of other cool stuff.  Once I found out there was no Santa when I was nine years old, Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday.

I love going to a family member you haven’t seen in a while house or when they come to your house.  You can catch up, eat some snacks, drink come beers and watch/play football.  Then of course there is the awesome food.  There is nothing like sitting around the table with your family and the people closest to you and enjoying a home cooked meal.

Another reason Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday is the ‘Turkey Bowl’ game.  Since 8th grade, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, my friends that I played football with growing up and a bunch of friends from home take part in a legit tackle football game with offensive and defensive lines.  Sometimes we get a a kid’s dad to be the referee.


About BrenDunne74

I'm in my senior year at Kutztown University. I'm an English major and want to be an English teacher and football coach one day.
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